March’s Gemstone: Aquamarine Décor Notes

The month of March is paired with a very vibrant and beautiful birth stone: Aquamarine. With Spring around the corner, this beautiful light blue is the perfect shade to brighten spirits and welcome warm weather. Today, we share some aquamarine décor inspiration with you! Happy decorating!



If you don’t want to cover your wedding space in aquamarine knick-knacks, try using light to your advantage. In this photo, the white drapes at this reception look beautiful when highlighted by aquamarine lighting. You can ask the venue to this for you, or find some clear plastic in the shade you desire and safely cover the lights with it.



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As D-I-Y décor becomes more popular at weddings, you can think about trying it for yourself. With the advent of Pinterest, there is never a shortage of do-it-yourself project inspiration—especially for weddings. If you’re into a shabby chic, farm, or hipster theme, try something cute and simple like these aquamarine flags. Décor like this will keep your wedding feeling young, fun, and entertaining.

Table Tops


[Photo courtesy of Holle Stewart Design]

If you want to stick with a more traditional route, try using some aquamarine glassware for your centerpieces or tabletop decorations. You can purchase glassware in your desired shade, or make it yourself with some paint or glue and food colouring. If you don’t want to have aquamarine glass, try using traditional vases and fill them with aquamarine flowers or trinkets.


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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