Downtown Wedding Venues

Churches, reception halls, even beaches and parks have become the usual places to hold a wedding. But there are some issues: they are usually tightly booked or, if it’s an outdoor location, you have to worry about the weather or there simply isn’t a nice beach or country club nearby! For the downtown gal in you, here are some unconventional wedding venues every city has to offer.



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In the first Sex and the City movie, Carrie almost marries Big at the New York Public Library and it’s the one location we would have chosen for a sassy, glam writer like Carrie. If you love the written word and want to get married surrounded by centuries of literary greats, the library is for you too. Be sure to find a branch that has interesting architectural details.

Art Gallery or Museum


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Like the library, a museum or art gallery is a great place for a classy affair. If you are a lover of fine arts or historical artifacts, getting married here is a wonderful way of incorporating something you love into your wedding. Choose an exhibit that appeals to you the most or fits with your theme the most.

Historical Building

historical building

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Most cities with enough history will have a historical building of sorts: from an old city hall, estates to a defunct but renovated factory or even a university building, there are plenty of places to choose from once you start researching. A historical building will lend itself perfectly as the backdrop of your wedding photos – equal parts gravitas and glamour.

Botanical Garden


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This is one alternative to an outdoor venue, minus the weather uncertainty, and a way of guaranteeing the freshest flowers at your wedding. Some botanical gardens have themed sections to choose from, like tropical plants or the aviary or the butterfly room. While any of these would make unique locations wedding be sure to think about your guests’ comfort – especially the little ones who might pay more attention to butterflies than to you.


Dawn Lo is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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