Do Valentine’s Weddings Properly

Super romance is fine if you are having your wedding on the other 364 days of the year but it can get a little syrupy-sweet on this particular day. Filling your wedding with red and pink love-hearts, and sparkles and glitter can get a little overwhelming. So when it comes to having a Valentine’s theme for your wedding, the key word is subtlety!

Keep the Color, Change the Flower


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Red roses are the quintessence of romance and at a regular wedding it would be considered classic. On Valentine’s Day, it can get a bit much. So change the flower to peonies, daisies or red trimmed carnations for a touch that is less heavy-handed.  Also, consider using some orange, pink and white flowers to add more depth to the palette.

Iconic Art


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The heart symbol gets overused for Valentine’s Day but using the letters L-O-V-E is a different story. Like the pop art love sculpture in New York, monograms and letters are fun without getting too frivolous. Some cute ways of using this: monogram love pillows (which can also show your love of Scrabble!), coasters, buffet food dishes. You could even recreate the love sculpture with flowers as a backdrop for your pictures.

And if You Really Want Hearts…


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…make sure to keep it subtle. There are still a lot of ways to incorporate hearts into your wedding theme without going overboard. One really fun way is to have a writing station with little heart-shaped cards and pens. Instead of writing in a guestbook, guests can write little messages and hang them on a clothesline on the wall for others to see. Heart decorations made from reused materials like maps or a heart wreath from twigs are chic and unconventional. So if heart wants what the heart wants, consider using them in an understated fashion because that can pack a punch.


Dawn Lo is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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