Trend Watch: What's New With Engagement Rings

Gentlemen, this blog’s for you. You’ve all heard the rule that a guy should spend the equivalent of three-month’s salary on an engagement ring and most are spending around $5,000. This sort of money isn’t really around for everybody to spend so here are some ways where you can still get a great ring for just a little less.

Pre-owned Rings


[Photo Courtesy of Have You Seen the Ring]

More and more couples are looking into getting second hand rings as a way of cutting costs and getting a good bargain so it’s worth taking a look. Some rings here retail for almost 50% less than what you can find at a proper store. The downside? Someone else did own this ring and for whatever reason doesn’t want it anymore – one can only guess why. If you are particularly superstitious, this may not be the option for you. But if you don’t mind, here are some websites to check out: Have You Seen the Ring and I Do Now I Don’t.

Stacking Rings


[Photo Courtesy of Emily Maynard]

This new trend could either be an inexpensive alternative or one that breaks the bank – it all depends on how many rings and how fancy they are. Many celebrities are sporting this trend too, including Emily Maynard of Bachelorette fame whose engagement rings are seen above. This non-traditional option is bound to have everyone looking twice even if they are just a few simple bands. Be sure to play with band width, shape and color for a unique blend.

Vintage Ring, New Diamond


[Photo Courtesy of Refinery 29]

Another option for a unique engagement ring that could be more economical is getting a vintage ring for its setting and upgrading it by adding in a newer diamond of your choice. Inexpensive vintage rings can run for as little as around $100, leaving a lot of wiggle room for an improved diamond.


Dawn Lo is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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