Widower Imitates Wedding Photos with Daughter



Ben and Ali nunnery took their wedding photos in their brand new home in 2009. They look inspired, happy, and in love. What’s the twist to the story? Ali died of lung cancer two year’s later. This November, when Ben moved out of their house, he recreated the couple’s wedding photos with their one-year-old daughter Olivia. In perfect harmony, the photographer was Ali’s sister Melanie.


Ben and Melanie hope the photos touch hearts and inspire other people. He said the real message is one of moving on and living after a loss. He wants people to live happy lives and find happiness again after grief. Though it took him two years to figure that out, he now wants to share his discovery and inspiration with others.


If you’re tearing up, we’re right there with you. Ben must have had a tough few years. On his blog, http://www.rockpink4ali.com, he wrote, “I walked around the house with blinders on just trying to be avoid looking at every little item that she left behind. And slowly those reminders of the pain turned in to little moments of comfort. I knew she was gone but I could look at her things, all those untouched little artifacts, and know that she was there with me.”


Lauren Chan is the editor of the Bridal Guide.

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