Holiday Food at Your Winter Wedding

It’s almost that time of year! Not wedding season…The holidays! If you love the holiday season as much as we do, then you must understand our excitement. If your wedding is set in holiday season, then we’re super excited for you. One of the ways to incorporate a holiday theme into your wedding without being too literal or tacky is with your food selection. How can you go wrong with some good old holiday favourites for your guests? The answer is: You can’t.

Start off with some holiday themed snacks during your cocktail hour, or have an open bar themed candy or treat table. Much like the famed holiday cookie exchange, we like to idea of having a table packed with different types of holiday cookies, squares, cupcakes, etc. The possibilities here are endless. The treats can be very innovative or traditional. All you have to do is Pinterest “holiday cookies” and you will see how many options there are for seriously outstanding and impressive seasonal snacks. You can find a great baker, enlist your bridal party to help bake, or take the task on for yourself if you’re a master baker.


Why not entice your guests with some classic eggnog? You can have a spiked version and a virgin version to ensure that everyone can enjoy a flute of the holiday staple. You can add this drink as your signature to your bar menu, or have waiters and waitresses passing out flutes throughout the cocktail hour. The second option will give your cocktail hour a very holiday party feel! Add some cinnamon and pine candles to the room and your guests will be sure to acknowledge the holiday theme.


Finally, you can add a holiday flare to your guests’ meals. Perhaps instead of having chicken as an option, you can serve white or dark turkey. You can have a traditional meal served complete with mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, beans, etc. If you are wary of only offering this holiday themed meal, give guests the option to choose steak dinner, seafood, or holiday plate. Those who choose the holiday plate won’t be disappointed, and those who like a more traditional wedding meal will still be satisfied. As long as all dishes pair well with the wines, we’re sure your guests won’t be complaining! This is a perfect way to offer something unordinary at your wedding without making people uncomfortable.


If you have any ideas on how to incorporate a holiday theme into your wedding, leave us a comment on our Facebook page to share!

Lauren Chan is the editor of the Bridal Guide.


[Photos courtesy of Pinterest]

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