Dresses Your Bridesmaids Will Wear After Your Wedding

Your bridesmaids are likely some of your best friends and family that are thrilled at the prospect of making you happy on your wedding day and in the stages of planning. They plan your showers, your bachelorette parties, and more. The one thing that these women deserve in favour of all their efforts is a dress that they don’t hate. We all know the running jokes about terrible bridesmaid dresses, so do you really want to make your bridesmaids feel terrible? Try to collaborate with all of your bridesmaids to find a dress that they will wear again and again after your wedding. Here are our suggestions.

What’s on Trend

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ONE by Contrarian Maxi Dress $459

Sure, trends come and go, but if you pick something simple and on trend, your bridesmaid can wear the dress again for a few more times that season. Some trends will allow the bridesmaid to wear the dress for years! For this idea, we suggest a maxi dress. We doubt it will end up being a dress that anyone looks back on with a quiver and regrets wearing. Unlike puffy shoulder pads, this dress is simple and true to a woman’s silhouette.

Little Black Dress

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Velvet Stretch Lace Dress $182

All girls can use a few little black dresses. The LBD can be worn to almost any event: to a cocktail party, holiday dinner, birthday shenanigan, etc. They can be dressed up or dressed down, and as long as they are moderately priced, we doubt any of your bridesmaids will be complaining about this versatile staple. If you can’t decide on a trendy dress to outfit your bridesmaids in, we definitely suggest using a little black dress.

Body Flattering

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Zimmerman Strapless Dress $372

If your bridesmaids are all different shapes and sizes and have a hard time deciding on a flattering cut, fear not! There are certain elements of a dress that are universally flattering. Here, we see a moderate length, but the hem line can be adjusted. A sweetheart neckline will help enhance the chest of girls with a small bra size and it will help balance out women with a bigger chest. The rouching of the waistline draws the eye in and away from any unsightly lumps and bumps. The flowing skirt flares out to create a bodacious hourglass figure. What’s not to love?!

Be sure to openly discuss and concerns that your bridesmaids may have with their dresses. After all, be sure to remember all they have done or will do to help you on your big day.


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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