Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

As the story goes with all wedding traditions, traditional engagement rings are no longer the only option for a bride to be. In fact, non-traditional engagement rings are hitting the market, selling well, and being fawned over by brides to be everywhere. There are lots of non-traditional engagement rings, but we have compiled some information on our 3 favourite types.


Barneys Artisan

[Photo courtesy of Barneys]

Pictured: Hammered platinum ring set with a 0.71ct brilliant cut white diamond at face and pave diamond channels at shoulders. Hand-crafted in U.K.

Artisan rings are very personal and easy to attach sentiment to. Since artisan rings are uniquely designed and hand crafted, they can be highly personalized or stylized. You can have an artisan ring made to look very modern or quite vintage. Above is a Malcolm Betts ring. He was first inspired to become a goldsmith at the age of 16 and over eight years of study and training, he refined a distinctive style that has run through his professional work to this day.

Art Deco

Engagement Ring Mountains

[Photo courtesy of Engagement Ring Mountains]

Art Deco rings are from (or inspired by) the Art Deco design period between the 1930s and 1940s. It’s origins lie in France after World War I. These rings typically combine intricate and artistic motifs with Machine Age materials like platinum. On many types of Art Deco engagement rings, you will find diamonds, gem stones, geometric shapes and patterns, and detailed ornamentation. These rings would be perfect for a woman with a flare for all things vintage, an interest in art history, or a love for old Europe. From the 1930s until now, Art Deco engagement rings exude luxury, glamour, and deep meaning.

Coloured Stone

Barneys Coloured

[Photo courtesy of Barneys]

Pictured: One-of-a-kind, recycled and oxidized platinum engagement ring with 3.9ct opaque diamond set at face. White, grey, and black pave diamonds are set strategically at crossover band, achieving a vibrant ombré effect. 4.4tcw.

Just as wedding dresses no longer need to be white, engagement rings no longer need to be a white diamond. Some people are opting for black, yellow, or rose diamonds. If the woman wearing the ring is very bold and fashion forward, this may be the way to go! Above is a ring designed by Monique Péan and Pamela Love, both of whom are some of the trendiest jewelry designers today. It’s an ombré diamond, which displays a graduation in color from white to champagne to cognac to black.

If you want a non-traditional ring, be sure to vocalize that to your partner. It may be hard for a partner to pick out something non-traditional, but with some guidance from you, it shouldn’t be too tough!


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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