5 Wedding Manicures for Your Big Day

This year, women across the country have been obsessed with nail art. From a few added sparkles to portraits on a nail, nail art has surely become a mainstream craze! If there’s nothing you like more than a good manicure with a creative twist, this blog is for you! The Bridal Guide has scowered the Internet to bring you the 5 best wedding manicures for your big day!

1. Some extra bling. Adding jewels to a classic and neutral manicure gives you the chance to be fun and daring while staying within your comfort zone. Nails can be short or long, and you can use as little or as much bling as you like! Keeping the jewels to one top corner on every nail will keep them looking uniform.

Newly Polished

[Photo courtesy of Newly Polished]

Use: OPI Hopelessly in Love Jewels

2. A sparkle gradient. This manicure is smile to the first, but a little more exciting. You can choose whichever base and sparkle colour you like, but we like the idea of sticking with a neutral base coat and picking a fun sparkle, like gold. In this photo, the manicurist also added a matte top coat, giving the look an extra edge. The glitter and matte will contrast in a unique way.

Pack a Punch Polish

[Photo courtesy of Pack a Punch Polish]

Use: OPI Samoan Sand
China Glaze I’m Not Lion
Butter London Matte Finish topcoat

3. The tuxedo nail. Zooey Deschanel wore tuxedo nails to the Golden Globes last year, and it inspired nail aficiandos everywhere! Since you’re the bride, you may not want to wear a full set of groom inspired nails. Instead, try painting your ring finer with a tuxedo. The cute nod to your husband-to-be paired with your engagement ring will be the talk of the ceremony!

The Beauty School Drop Outs

[Photo courtesy of the Beauty School Drop Outs]

Use: OPI Tickle My Francey
OPI Mod About You
OPI Black Onyx

4. Ciaté’s Caviar nail. Ciaté’s Mother of Pearl Caviar nail would work wonderfully for your wedding! You can paint every nail in mini pearls or only your ring fingers. In person, this manicure is super unique and it truly does look like little pearls!

Wedding Party App 2

[Photo courtesy of Weddig Party App]

Use: Ciaté Caviar Mother of Pearl

5. A touch of gold. Add the Midas touch to your wedding look! This manicure incorporates the sparkle gradient and an out-of-the-box twist on a French manicure. To achieve this look, use a neutral base. Add some sparkle to your ring fingers. For the rest of your nails, use Scotch tape to cover everything that will remain beige, then apply gold leaf to the area that will become gold and layer with a clear top coat.

Wedding Party App 3

[Photo courtesy of Wedding Party App]

Use: OPI Bubble Bath
China Glaze I’m Not Lion
Gold Leaf

Happy painting! Tweet us you wedding day manicures @bridalguidecdn.

Lauren Chan is the editor of the Bridal Guide.

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