Beautiful Father Daughter Dance Idea


Get the tissues ladies, this one is a tear jerker!

There’s a video going around Facebook of a bride during her very special father daughter dance. The bride’s father passed away before the wedding and everyone at the ceremony sensed his loss. To honor his memory, the bride’ brother Michael LaFrance decided to put together a special father daughter dance in memory of their dad.

Michael decided to record a version of the song “Butterfly Kisses,” a moving country song about the bond between a father and a daughter. During the six-minute song the bride, Andrea, dances with her close friends and family, who each take a turn holding her during one of the verses.

What bride doesn’t like seeing so much love and passion at a wedding, but this video isn’t just a heart-warming clip, it’s a source of inspiration for brides with their own unique situations.

When a bride’s father passes away it isn’t unusual or a male relative to step in, but what’s great about this dance is that Andrea is shown just how much love she has still in her life. Rather than replacing a deceased dad with a brother or uncle why not do what the LaFrance family did and have all the important male figures in the bride’s life take shifts.

On that note, ANY bride can take inspiration from this video, even if her father is alive and well.

It isn’t uncommon to have a circumstance where there are multiple “dads” a bride could share her dance with – like a stepdad. In this case the best thing to do is find a song that reminds the bride of both paternal figures and organize a time to switch between dads.

The father daughter dance is meant to be a moment between a dad and his child that symbolizes his acceptance of her new life independent from the one he built with her, and if you have more than one person you would want to celebrate and share in that moment than the more the merrier.

I think this video is extremely touching and a great idea. Clearly many other brides agree because the video has nearly 4 million views!


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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