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    What bride doesn’t spend a few hours on Pinterest for some unique DIY wedding decoration ideas? Heck, what girl doesn’t go on Pinterest looking for fun DIY decoration and wedding ideas, even if she isn’t engaged yet?

    As a wedding blogger my job is an excuse to peruse the infinite database of wedding photos to find what I think are the most exciting and doable ideas. Here are a few décor ideas that I really like. When my big day comes maybe I’ll use some of these ideas at my own wedding.  Maybe you will too.


    [pinned by weddingwindow.com]

    I’ll start with my favourite idea. I love the thought of a colorful fingerprint guest book, and the tree design just brings it all together. It may not be decoration for the wedding, but it would definitely become decoration in my future home should I have one at my wedding.

    A guestbook of signatures and stories will get dusty while the fingerprint tree can be framed and hung. Of course it’s nice to have messages from all your loved ones, but you always have the wedding cards from the guests to cherish and keep, so maybe a traditional guest book isn’t necessary.

    I love this idea because it’s easy, fun, and guests will want to add their fingerprint to the image. Make sure you have lots of hand wipes for them to clean the ink off afterwards.


    [pinned by crafynest.com]

    This next one is almost too good to be true. The final image is so gorgeous I doubt I would be able to put this together.  The picture below really captures all my fears.


    [pinned by themetapicture.com]

    If you were to succeed with this craft, the string light decorations would look perfect at a wedding. Maybe I’m just not artsy enough, but I know plenty of brides who have pulled off DIY projects way more daunting than this.

    If you’re having a DIY wedding this is a must. You could even keep a few and hang them up in your hallway at home.


    [pinned by heart-of-glass.tumblr.com]

    This idea is something much more aligned with my craftiness level, and it’s just as beautiful. All you have to do is take Christmas twinkle lights and a sheer white stocking. Cut one of the stocking legs, fill the foot with the lights, and then string them up. It might get a little tricky with the wiring, but once it’s all set up they look gorgeous at night, both indoors and out.


    [pinned by pocketfulofdreams.co.uk]

    This last idea isn’t exactly decoration, but it falls into the category of décor since it will add so much to the ambience at the wedding ceremony. All you have to do here is fill a sheet with confetti or glitter (paper confetti is much easier to clean up afterwards) and hang the sheet above the bride and groom’s head during the wedding service. When they have their first kiss pull a string and release the confetti. It’s the perfect moment for a picture and it makes the wedding ceremony seem that much more magical!


    Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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