Get Inspired By Kelly Clarkson’s Wedding Journey

The first ever American Idol winner has yet to get married to talent manager, Brandon Blackstock, but the two have continuously been making headlines. For Clarkson and Blackstock everything from the ring to the engagement shoot to plans for the big day have been unique and exciting.

For all you brides to be, here are some things you can learn from this couple, and one thing you should learn not to do!

The Engagement Ring


Colored diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. This yellow canary diamond is stunning, and what makes it even more special is that Blackstock helped design the ring himself, so he made it just for his fiancé.

If you don’t have the ring yet, thinking of something outside the box is a great way to really capture your personality. After all, the engagement ring is the one thing from your wedding that you’ll have with you every day for the rest of your life – aside from your partner, of course, so it’s important you get it right.

And DON’T be like Kelly Clarkson and lose the ring!

The singer misplaced her ring before going on stage and couldn’t find it until the next day. I would have been a little more careful with a $150,000 ring.

The Engagement Shoot


[photo by]

I’m so excited for the country-pop singer who was single so long some reporters questioned her sexuality – she sure showed them! It’s only fitting that she has a huge engagement shoot celebrating this life-changing event.

Clarkson made headlines because she posed in a variety of white wedding dresses, making her engagement photos look a lot like wedding photos.

She’s wearing a gorgeous sheath dress in the image above and a beautiful ball gown in the image below.


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I think the idea of uses wedding dresses in the engagement shoot is really creative. Not that everyone has a handful of gorgeous designer wedding dresses at their disposal, but Clarkson pulls it off and I’m sure brides will figure out a way to replicate this type of shoot in the future.

The Wedding Day

The couple was planning an earthy outdoor wedding in fall when out of the blue they changed their minds. Now they plan to elope!

They sent an engagement photo to all those who were originally invited and told them the wedding would just be the two of them with Blackstock’s two kids and the minister.

Surely the guests were disappointed, but I’m sure that eloping is the best thing for the couple. Clarkson says she and fiancé Blackstock are so busy with work that they just can’t handle the wedding plans. Plus, as celebrities, they want an intimate moment alone rather than another very public celebration.

Many couples get swept up in their wedding plans, trying to please their family and friends, that they forget what works best for them as a couple and as a future family.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sending out a sorry card to the guests and telling them the date is changed or the venue or even that you’re eloping instead. You should never feel pressured into your wedding, and if at any point you do feel that way, follow Clarkson’s example and take control of your day again.

Get Excited and Have Fun

After all, the day really is about celebrating your love and having fun, so instead of stressing about it you should be getting excited.

Clarkson made a song that epitomizes her excitement for her wedding, and even if her small ceremony won’t look like the wedding in her music video it will be equally special, I’m sure!

Give her song a listen and enjoy this pre-wedding excitement.

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