Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

We all have a beauty regimen that has been tried, reinvented, and tweaked time and time again. We all learn to know what works best for our hair, face, and body, but you may not know all of natural enhancing tricks out there. These tips will help you enhance what your momma gave you!


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Redheads can make their naturally red hair (or super bold dye job) stand out and stay strong in between visits to the hair salon. By soaking your red tresses in cranberry juice, you can amp up the red. The best part? You can use the juice as often as needed, and it won’t do anything too drastic.

Brunettes can try something similar with coffee or grape Kool-Aid. Be sure to stay away from the grape Kool-Aid unless you have dark, dark  brown hair. Both the grape juice and the coffee will make brunettes’ manes richer and cut out any brassiness or off-tones.

Blondes need love too! If you don’t already use a toning shampoo or make regular trips to the salon to have your highlights toned, you can improvise at home. By soaking your strands in champagne or lemon juice, the bleach will sparkle. If you want some more natural looking highlights, try spritzing some lemon juice in your hair and sitting out in the sun for a while.


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Did you know that the colour of your make-up can enhance the natural colour of your eyes? Brown-eyed girls can wear champagne and purple (lavender if you’re a bit stand-offish to bold colours) eyeshadow. Women with blue eyes can wear beiges with dark and light blues to intensify their blue hue. Green eyes work well with maroons and topes. If your eyes are in-between colours, like hazel, try a range of greys and silvers.

Other tricks of the trade including things like advanced shapewear. Spanx are heralded as the best  of the best. Silicone breast enhancers like Takeouts (aka the stick strapless bras that look like chicken cutlets) also work wonders for a woman’s figure.


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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