Why have a wedding rehearsal? by Jane Dayus-Hinch

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“Why would we need a wedding rehearsal” one bride asks.

On the night before her wedding, while she is rehearsing in the Church, it’s clear why a wedding rehearsal is necessary.

She forgot her marriage license, the readings, the unity candle and the rose ceremony wording, the ring pillow, the actual unity candle and tapers. Plainly – she’s just lost the plot!

As her wedding planner I texted her, emailed her and even left a voice message 3 hours prior – all to no avail.

The Priest was NOT impressed.  I was there with the first three row seating plan, the Order of Ceremony booklets, the music list, and a fake bouquet.  I knew what I was doing.

“Everything is going to be alright tomorrow – isn’t it?” the bride asks.

I may be a fairy Godmother but sometimes the fairy dust doesn’t put it all right.

The 5 P’s.

Ever heard of the 5 P’s of wedding planning? Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. (Some people add a 6th P that’s a bit rude).

I ALWAYS do a rehearsal.  It puts everyone in the right mood, mode, and focus and makes it all REAL. It gives everyone a reality check!

It takes you through when and where to walk, where to stand, where to sit, and what to do and when. It just takes away the stress of the whole situation – not just for the Bride and Bridegroom – but for the whole Bridal party as well.

Let me ask you… When did you last wear a long white dress and veil in front of ALL your family and friends…?  So, shall we do a bit of a run through then?  It’s fine ‘talking the talk ‘in a pair of jeans, but it’s all very different on the day.

What to do at the rehearsal

Get everyone inside the Church or venue. Have a ‘meeter’ get them off the phone or get them to stop chatting or smoking. When they are inside, ask the guests if they are on the Bride or the Bridegroom’s side?

Then the ‘greeter’ will give them a program (an Order of the Day/Ceremony/Service).

All close family and VIP’s should be seated on the first three rows for a civil and church ceremony. A seating plan must be produced and given to the ‘Seaters’.

Let the parents be escorted to their seats, and rehearse the whole ceremony – the signing, the music, everything.  Listen to the readers, is a microphone required, and figure out what to do if children cry etc.

Weddings are stressful. It is THE most important day of your life.  It is the most expensive day of your life.  So tell me, why wouldn’t you rehearse it?


Jane Dayus-Hinch
Wedding Planner

For all your wedding related questions, and to book Jane as your wedding planner, please contact janedh@hotmail.co.uk.

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