The Fake Cake: Is it Right for Your Wedding?

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Fake wedding cakes are a great way to save money when planning your wedding.  The cake can be made of styrofoam and then decorated like a real cake. Most guests don’t end up eating the cake for a variety of reasons — from the simple fact they cannot eat it to they are having too much fun to notice it is being served. A fake cake is a great option for some, but it depends on your wedding vision and whether you have any budget restrictions.

A fake cake may be for you if you say yes to the following:

  • Are you looking for an easy way to save money?
  • Worried that not many people will eat the cake?
  • Are you looking for an option that will keep your cake looking perfect for hours and hours prior to the cake being served?

One of the biggest reasons for ordering a fake cake is that you can save money. Plus, it will withstand the hours of sitting in a hot room. You can then serve your guests sheet cake, which will ensure that the cake will be fresher. Also the cake will look better in photographs as after hours of sitting unrefrigerated a real cake begins to shift and lean.

A fake cake may not be for you if you say yes to the following:

  • Are you traditional?
  • Is cutting the cake important to you?
  • You love the look of a beautiful cake that looks good enough to eat and you can in fact eat it?

If the cutting of the cake is an important element of your wedding, it is still possible to have a fake cake…well a mostly fake cake.  Having a layer that allows you to perform the symbolic cake cutting ritual is a great way to save on your wedding budget, and still keep this important tradition as a part of your special day.

However, if you dreamed of having a real cake you can splurge and forgo the fake cake — provided it fits in your budget.  Getting a fake cake is a great way to save a bit of money or allocate your savings into another part of your wedding; like your dress or honeymoon.  Either way it is a personal choice that depending solely on your needs and wants for your wedding day. In the end, your guest won’t notice the difference. They will be so happy to be celebrating such a beautiful and wonderful event in your life. So whether you fake it or get the real McCoy depends solely on what is right for you.

Monique Loveless is the Editorial Assistant at the Bridal Guide.

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