The Ceremony of a Second Marriage

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Sometimes in life, the best things come the second time around! Many couples find the love of their life after their first marriage has ended. These brides are excited to begin their lives with their new mate, but what is the custom of planning for a second marriage? Can a bride plan a big wedding, or should she have a more toned down, low key event? Do people bring gifts or just bring well wishes? The Bridal Guide weighs in.

Whether you are widowed or divorced, many brides are concerned or confused about how to handle a second wedding. Do the bride’s parents pay for the wedding? Do you receive gifts from your guests?

Second weddings were once seen as low key events, with only close friends or just immediate family. Gifts were small if anything at all. Now, it is the bride and grooms call on what they want to do for their wedding.

Do you want a big second wedding? No problem! Plan away. Since you and your groom are probably more established, you can either encourage a no gift wedding reception, donations to your favourite charities or let your guests spoil you with personal gifts! Couples with children from previous marriages can have their children in the wedding party! There is no cuter flower girl or ring bearer then your daughter or son! Let your children be involved with your wedding planning and have them as bridesmaids, groomsmen. Your family can get involved and put their personal touches on your wedding. Parents of the bride may volunteer to pay for all, or a portion of the wedding if they choose. Many modern brides pay for their weddings themselves with the groom.

Brides who are getting married the second time are more aware of the preparation of wedding planning. This gives them more confidence in making decisions; their experience already makes them ahead of the game! Brides who have had a quick wedding the first time around may want to invest in their big dream wedding. Other brides may be just looking for an intimate celebration with their family and friends. Either way, anything goes. The judgement of yesterday with tight rules and endless taboos has ended. What matters is that you have found the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Choosing a dress is an exciting time! There are so many choices then there was even ten years ago. Choose a simple, white dress or wear any colour you choose! For brides who are going with a grand scale wedding, there are endless choices!

The fact that it is your second wedding really does not matter. Be sure to have the wedding of your dreams, whether it is low key or a big affair. What matters most is that you have found the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.


Grace Ste.Croix is the editor of The Bridal Guide and owner of La Vigne Chantante, a catering consulting and events company located in the GTA and Montreal.

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