Cakes, Caterers and Creations- A Bride’s Signature

The modern bride’s mantra is simple, to have creative control over their wedding. From something as extravagant as a wedding theme right down to every last detail, the bride wants her say. Many businesses have taken notice to this trend and have responded. From venues allowing custom caterers to beautiful elegant cakes, a bride gets what a bride wants. There are many trends occurring to allow the bride to have her say from everything from signature dishes to specialty creations.

Custom caterers are the new rage! Brides want their guests to have a delicious coursed dinner and they want them to enjoy it. There are many stories about guests eating plain or undercooked food, but this should be a thing of the past. Many caterers will sit down with the bride and when asked, will create a custom menu to suit the bride and grooms needs. Catering companies often times have their own staff to serve you and having a custom caterer not only supports your local community, but good caterers also have many local connections of artisan bakers, wedding planners and other unique, creative services. Often, caterers know what venues allow outside catering and can suggest to you more venue options. Imagine having your own signature dish served at your wedding! With any good custom caterer, you should have more leeway on what you want to serve on your important day!

A cake in many weddings is the centrepiece of any reception. Today, bakers, including artisan bakers can create masterpieces to suit your theme for your wedding. Whether it is tiered cakes or elegant cupcakes, a bride can have her say on a delicious cake for her wedding day. The market for wedding cakes is vast, so having an idea of what you want and finding an artisan baker who sees your vision is essential. Finding an artisan baker who delivers is not too hard to find and can relieve a lot of stress for a bride worried about her precious cake cargo!

Finally, a speciality creation is a way a bride and groom can leave the guests with something memorable to take home. Whether it is custom made chocolates wrapped in an elegant box as a party favour to a beautiful cookbook of the bride and grooms favourite recipes, there are many emerging businesses emerging to cater to specialty creations.

When tying all of the loose ends of your wedding together, be sure to have your say on the things that count. Catering, cakes and special creations are your personal added touch to your wedding, so make sure that your venue allows your creativity to shine!

Grace Ste.Croix is the editor of The Bridal Guide and owner of La Vigne Chantante, a catering consulting and events company located in the GTA and Montreal.

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